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Digha, a major tourist destination in southern Bengal is 185km from the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata. A thorough network of road and train connect Digha to Kolkata.


Since 2004 Digha (Station Code:DGHA) is well connected with Kolkata via a regular digha train service. Trains can be accessed from Howrah regularly, apart from a DMU service from Santragachi. A regular superfast train to Digha, Tamralipta Express departs from Howrah at 6.40hrs arriving Digha at 10.00hrs. Kandari Express departs from Howrah at 14.15hrs and reaches Digha at 17.50hrs. The Howrah Digha Duronta Exp departs at 11.15hrs and reaches 14.15hrs.


Bus route takes an estimated time of 5hrs to reach Digha from Kolkata. Regular buses to Digha are available from Shahid Minar at Dharmatala in Kolkata and Howrah bus terminus in Kolkata at frequent intervals.


The nearest airport connecting Digha with other places is that of Kolkata, the NSC Bose International Airport.


Local transports within Digha are easily available. The popular modes of transport are un-metered taxis, auto rickshaws, and rickshaws. One can easily reach their hotel at Digha by auto available from the railway station.


Though Digha is a great place that can be visited all time throughout the year, the winter months are considered to be the best time in the year. Digha remains crowded with tourists in the months between October to March. Digha weather remains quite pleasant during this time with clear and bright days. It is smart to avoid the rainy season from July to August. It is advisory to make advance hotel booking in Digha for a stay.


Nowdays, booking facility is much more developed. You can opt for online hotel booking in Digha to ensure your comfortable stay beforehand. You can easily choose your preferable standard of hotel in old Digha or New Digha. The entire town has numerous lodgings, however there are many old Digha cheap hotels crowded by the seaside.


  • Carry battery torch along with you to tackle with temporary power cuts.
  • Be careful not to leave your important belongings like wallet, camera, mobile, jewelry etc at beach when you go for a bath or swim.
  • Avoid children from getting farther into the sea while bathing.
  • Try to avoid swimming when it is high tide.
  • Check out for “no swim” boards, since not all beaches in Digha are safe for swimming.


Digha tour offers a wide spectrum of options for activities and fun. Apart from being a splendid beach resort, Digha is also known for its multiple entertaining activities to engage tourists.

Excellent Service

Quality of our service is something we are proud of. Be it domestic travelers or international tourists, we serve all our guests with the same warm welcome, pleasant behavior, comfortable lodgings, quality food and beverage, and recreation options that are simply unparalleled in Digha. We never compromise on the quality of services we provide to our guests.

The calm and shallow sea in Digha provides fun scope for swimming. Apart from a leisurely stroll on the beach, one can enjoy sun bathing in the sandy stretches of the beach. The seaside hotels Digha too offer great view of sea to spend idle evening sitting by the hotelnbalcony.

Robust sports activities like scuba diving or surfing can add to the zeal of entertainment. A nearby location Mandarmani has already developed an array of bustling fun and sports activities like para-sailing, water skiing, water zorbing, snorkeling and bunch of more activities. Initiatives are being taken to bring up the water amusements.

The long stretch of Digha beach is also an ideal location for outdoor activities like beach volleyball, beach cricket etc.
While in Digha one can grace his time with a visit to Lord Shiva temple at Chandaneshwar.

Digha is also considered to a magnificent location for bird watching. Those who are enthusiastic about marine life will be enthralled by a visit to the Asia’s largest Marine Museum here. An outing to science centre can also be an educative trip for children and elders.



Founded in 1989 as an initiative of the Seventh Five Year Plan is the largest marine aquarium in Asia. The aquarium is well equipped with advanced amenities like developed water circulation system and latest filtration unit. The marine museum accommodates 24 large marine tanks and 8 small fresh water tanks that harbor a variety of species including local, curious and freshwater species. The Aquarium and Research centre covers an area of 6 acres. The Aquarium houses a variety of species that are found in Digha Sea. The Aquarium remains open to visitors on all working days 9.30 AM to 6PM.


Digha Science Centre is a major tourist attraction which has been established by the National Council of Science Museum. The Science Centre provides a great educational opportunity where a diverse variety of mechanism helps to learn various technologies. There are fun glasses which measure height, then a skeleton that gives company in bicycle race, Eskimoos Igloo which turns to be planetarium and many more fun scopes.


Surrounded by lush green gardens, Amarabati Garden is a favorite tourist destination and a great place to hang out in Digha. Only a 5 min walk from New Digha beach takes one to this amusement park, where apart from leisurely walks, or family outings, one can enjoy boat rides at the lake.


Digha is divided into two essential divisions that are Old Digha and New Digha. While the old Digha was the core tourist attraction previously with numerous Digha budget hotels, New Digha has emerged to be a better spot for sea bathing and leisurely stroll. The stretch of beach connecting Old Digha and New Digha is lined with casuarinas trees. The New Digha has cropped up with number digha beach resorts facing the majestic sea.

Only 189km from Kolkata, New Digha has the longest and widest flat beach compared to the rocky and concreted beach of old Digha.


Children can enjoy a fun time with a toy train ride at the park adjacent to New Digha beach.


This is a great reptile museum for enthusiastic tourists and herpetologists. This snake farm attracts thousands of curious tourists everyday who can spectacle a huge species of snakes here. This farm not only houses a variety of venomous snakes but also breeds a number of species.


A popular tourist attraction, this is a centre where raw salt is extracted from huge troughs of sea water through evaporation. The extract of raw salt is later sent for refinement.


This is the largest whole sale and retailer fish market of Digha in Old Digha. The market exhibits a variety of sea fishes. Early in the morning the boisterous, noisy Fish becomes best place for whole sale buyers and sea food lovers. Whole sale purchase of fishes from this market connects a strong commercial link between kolkatadigha. Many tourists love to experiment with new varieties of fish, which they can easily get cooked at their lodges, any restaurants or the beach side fish selling vendors. Even the 5star hotel in Digha offer signature dishes of prawn, bhetki and many sea fishes. Thus, the Mohona Fish Market located at upper end of Old Digha beach holds the true essence of Digha for fish lovers.



A 2km drive along the Bengal-Orissa border takes one to one the most pristine and isolated beaches around Digha, Udaipur. This clandestine beach is fringed with casuarinas trees. The casuarinas vegetation sets a backdrop for this shallow beach, where the low and subtle waves make it splendid for romantic beach walk.


This holy abode of Lord Shiva is 8km from Digha, at Chandaneshwar, a small township is a major attraction of Digha tour. Large number of pilgrims and devotees gather here all round the year and mostly during the Chaitra Month, that is the last month of Bengali calendar.


Junput is 40 km from Digha. Here the natural beach is lined with casuarinas trees. The State Government Fisheries Department runs brackish water fish cultivation and research centre. It is a centre for study of marine biology.


This is a virgin beach which has recently emerged as one of the most sorted after tourist spots in East Medinipur district. Shankarpur is a popular beach resort 185 km from Kolkata. It has all the fun and facilities of Digha, however it is still different for it is calm and quiet, devoid of the Digha crowd. Dighashankarpur is a major attraction among tourists who love to spend an idle holiday away from the maddening crowd.


Only 12km from Digha, this spot is a prime part of digha sightseeing. The Subarnarekha River merges with Bay of Bengal on the edge of Orissa-Bengal border.


Talsari is an unexploited beach with a backdrop of series of palm trees. The sea here is calm and tranquil opposite to that of Digha. It is located only 6km away from Digha. Talsari is a great spot to watch the gleaming beauty of sunrise and sunset.


Well connected with dighakolkata, Mandarmani is a booming sea resort which has recently developed into a lively beach resort in East Medinipur. Mandarmani flaunts the longest motorable beach road of 13km in India. The tranquil and relaxing ambience of this sea resort has made it a popular escape for people of bustling crowded cities.


Located along the Digha-Kanthi road, Tajpur is situated 17km away from Digha. Tajpur offers a pristine virgin beach between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. There are many hotel at Tajpur like the hotels in Digha.



There is no shopping complex in Digha, the main tourist attraction lies over the local handicraft stalls lined up beside the beach. Most of the items are based on sea shells and jute handicraft. A range of local items include jute bags, floor mat, beach mat table mat, runners, coasters, kantha embroidery mats, and a range of sea shell made decorator items. Another local made item is Sitalpati(cool mat) made out of Mutra cane. There are various show pieces that one can buy as a memento from the local handicraft shops at Digha.


The local stalls sell a variety of seashell ornaments at cheap rates. The collection of items made of seashells, ranging from bangles to ear rings is worth a watch.


Digha markets are full of cashew nut sellers. With a cashew nut farm nearby on the Bengal-Orissa border, Digha is a major location where cashew nuts are sold. One can buy salted or non-salted cashew nuts from these shops.


Digha is an abode of great sea food. Tourists can have the scrumptious flavors of fishes like Hilsa, Pomphret, Prawn and Bhetki that are sold at beach side, roasted, fried or cooked with spices.


The main festival celebrated in Digha is Durga Puja during the months of October and November. This festival is celebrated with much pomp and show and people gather in folks to enjoy the ambience.